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What happens if my source has no boss-subordinate relationship?


We know that not all payroll systems or HR systems have the fields to indicate who reports to whom in your organization. Without this information, you may ask how can you create an organizational chart and keep it updated easily?

With SysOrg, we have built-in tools to make this process as easy and simple as possible.

The first time you import your organization into SysOrg, we will present you with a list with intelligent filters, that will make the process of adding all your positions into the organizational chart something easy and fast.

But the real beauty is not in how easy it is to create the first org chart, but in how easy it is to keep it organized. Once you have all your positions in their place, the next time you update the org chart from your source, all those positions will stay in their place, and you will only need to move the new positions, if there are any.

This, and much more, make SysOrg a unique solution for giving your whole company access to ordered and up-to-date organizational charts.