Who uses SysOrg?

Who needs SysOrg?


From the beginning, SysOrg was made to be a system to be used together by both the managing team and the Human Resources team.

1. Managing team.

For all the managing team, our goal is to offer a system that lets them access all the organization structure in an easy and simple way, without the need to wait for their team to make manual org charts or reports. Letting them take key decisions with access to all the information.

2. Human Resources team.

For the Human Resources department, SysOrg serves a much more practical need. We focus on giving them more time to make analysis of the organization and proposals to improve it, and not waste time in creating manual org charts and reports.

3. The whole organization.

SysOrg is an excellent foundation to give the whole company access to the org chart, letting them more easily identify their role and the tasks they need to achieve.

Can each user have their own access permissions?

Yes, SysOrg lets the administrator define who has access to any part of the org chart. For example, the European Operation Director might have access to all the organizational chart information, but only have access to the salaries or other confidential information of Europe.

At the end, SysOrg offers the whole company access to up-to-date information of the organization, promoting more efficiency and promoting business evolution.