Why SysOrg?

April 19, 2016

We know this is a natural question when looking to buy a new software, and even though we would love to go visit each of our clients personally, for we leave you with the three main reasons for which SysOrg is the best choice for your organization:

1. Experts on Human Resources and its needs.

We are a group of people with more than 18 years of experience in human resources, and more specifically, in managing the organizational structure of organizations.

SysOrg is the result of analyzing the needs of each area of the organization and giving much dedication into finding the perfect balance between functionality and simplicity, in a way that guarantees the organizational chart is complete enough to cover all the needs required from it, but simple enough that most users actually use it.

2. We believe in simple and effective solutions.

The success of a new software is not only based on it having the functionalities we need, but on it offering an easy and intuitive experience, so users actually end up using the solution.

Based on this principle, we have designed SysOrg so that it always keeps things easy and straightforward. In every scenario that we saw there was a way of doing things that would remove an extra button, or would remove one step requiring user interaction, we always pursue these paths.

The end result is a system that users won't need manuals to learn to use. A system that everyone will be able to use when they need it.

3. We are passionate about support.

Software is not perfect, and sometimes there are special needs that requiere we help our customers. We are passionate about giving the best support, and will always be available to help at any time.

all of our clients receive a personal contact to receive a fast and personal support.

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