Work Environment Survey.

Create and apply your own Work Environment Survey in a safe and secure way and get incredible reports available automatically once the survey is finished.

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Work Environment Survey
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Conocimiento en Encuestas de Clima Laboral.

Years of knowledge at your hands

Use our pre-designed templates to get a quick start and create your first survey. You'll get years of proven knowledge at your disposal.

If you already have your own set of areas to evaluate and questions, you can easily add them and use them.

Usuarios Encuesta Clima Laboral

Easy access for all your employees

Create a single access for all the users, a different access for each company area, a personalized access for each employee or a mixture of these options.

This way, you can give an easy access to all users from within kiosks, tablets, their mobile phones or any other web-broswer.

Clima Laboral - Resultados y reportes

Clear and precise reports

Automatically generated reports are available once the event is closed, giving you access to graphs and statistics from all the answered surveys.

All results can be downloaded in PDF and Excel format for easier sharing and analysis.

Encuesta Clima Laboral - Diseño

Customize the feel & look

Make your employees feel right at home by customizing the evaluation to match your corporate brand.

Add your logo, brand colors and customize the content of emails and other texts. Even PDF reports are customizable to match your corporate brand.

All the features that make Integratec your best option

Add users, easily

Add all your user easily from an Excel file or directly in the app.


You can make feedback as open or as anonymous as desired.

Online access

No need for local applications. Access from any web browser.

Automatic emails

Email invitations for each user are automatically sent.


Set the dates for users to answer the evaluations.

Multiple events

Create as many events as needed in your organization.


See which users haven't answered their evaluations and send reminders.

Historic results

See progress made by users thru different evaluations.

Complete results

Get automatic and precise results from all the evaluations; online, PDF and Excel.

Modify appearance

Add your own logo and modify the main colors in the application.

Remove users

Remove users that are no longer in your organization.


All information is encrypted and backed up.

Quick setup times

Getting started is not only easy, but very fast.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always ready to help you with any need that might arise.


You can have the same evaluation in multiple languages.