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Apply any type of survey, as many times as necessary, to all your workforce.

Intuitively implement all the necessary surveys to know and increase the satisfaction of your human capital, from a platform focused 100% on human resources requirements.

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Encuesta Clima Laboral
Encuestas de Clima Laboral

Take advantage of years of knowledge in your hands

Use survey formats developed by experts in the area and validated to guarantee reliable results.

Provide each area of ​​the company with clear reports and graphs that helps them to know and act on their strengths and areas of opportunity .

All from a platform designed to facilitate the process of applying human resources surveys and focus on what is truly important, the follow-up and action plans .

At the same time, everything is 100% configurable

Evaluation areas and questions

It is easy to add your own questions, modify the ones included or a mixture of both, as well as add open questions.

Evaluation scales

The evaluation scales are completely configurable to the needs of each survey or even each question. Select which options are negative, neutral or positive.


Add all the demographics options you need to get results with accurate and valuable information.

Logotipo y colores

Customize the appearance of the entire platform by adding the company logo and institutional colors.

Encuestas Configurables
Encuesta Clima Laboral Resultados

Automatic and instant reports

The results are immediately generated on the platform, where you can see how each question and area of ​​the survey was evaluated, as well as know the differences between different areas of the company.


General report of the entire company


Report for each area


Report by each demographic

Encuesta Clima Laboral Usuarios

VERY EASY access for all users

There's no need to install any application to answer the survey, it works from any browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Directly send access to the emails of each employee, add access from your internal portal or use QR codes.

Not having an email or computer is not a limitation for the entire company to participate in the surveys.

Encuestas Clima Laboral Qué Sigue

What follows after applying the survey?

Action Plan

The reports of each collaborator will keep them in defining their own action and development plan.

Leaders Development

After measure in what areas satisfaction can be improved, train leaders to improve in this areas.

Follow Up

Make sure each area of the company if keeping up with the required actions to improve.