(Pulse) Surveys.

Measure employee satisfaction in an intuitive and professional way, get accurate results and increase the happiness of your employees.

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Work Environment & Pulse Survey

... y más de 200 PyMEs y Grandes empresas en 7 países.

How Integratec works?

1. Configuration

The entire platform is 100% self-administrable, but at all times you will have access to 1-on-1 support with someone from the team.

2. Application

Online and without installing anything, giving all employees access is easy. It is really VERY intuitive.

3. Results

All results are automatic and with a presentation that makes it easy to follow up and define an action plan.

Encuesta Clima Laboral Configurable

100% configurable and self-administrable

You have full control over the content of the work climate survey. You can add users, modify questions and scales, or add your own formats.

1-on-1 support. Even so, there will always be someone from our team ready to help you in all the processes to create your survey or carry out the configuration for you and deliver a turnkey project..


Add your own assessment areas or questions, or use the included ones ready to apply.


Use different types of scales according to your needs, or use the default ones.


Adjusts the way final results reports are generated and presented.


Make the platform fit 100% to the culture and design of your company.

Encuesta Clima Laboral Resultados

Automatic and instant reports

The results are immediately generated on the platform, where you can see how each question and survey area was evaluated, as well as know the differences between company departments or groups.

You can get reports as detailed or general as you want.


Get a report with the averages of all the surveys, and the comparisons for each area.

Department or area

You can define up to 5 different fields to segment the results, for example: Business Unit > Area > Region > City > Branch.


Add the necessary demographics and get results for each of them. Age, gender, seniority, among others.

Encuesta Clima Laboral Usuarios

Easy access for all users

No need to install an application to administer or answer the survey.

Directly send access to your employees' emails, add access from your internal portal, use QR codes and allow access from any computer, tablet or cell phone for your employees.

Encuestas de Pulso

Pulse surveys

Measure employee satisfaction on a frequent, monthly or even weekly basis, and take timely and accurate actions.

Integratec allows you to keep a history of all the results to easily compare each other and detect strengths and areas of opportunity.

All the features that make Integratec your best option


You can make feedback as open or as anonymous as desired.

Automatic emails

Email invitations for each user are automatically sent.


See which users haven't answered their evaluations and send reminders.

Historic results

See progress made by users thru different evaluations.


All information is encrypted and backed up.

Quick setup times

Getting started is not only easy, but very fast.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always ready to help you with any need that might arise.


You can have the same evaluation in multiple languages.