360 Degree Feedback

Evaluate the potential and performance of your collaborators and provide them with a tailored development plan.

Our platform provides you with all the necessary tools so that you can apply your own 360º evaluation, we have preloaded formats or you can add your own questions and evaluation formats.

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360 Degree Feedback
360 Degree Feedback Knowledge

Take advantage of years of knowledge in your hands

Use 360 degree evaluation formats developed by experts in the area and validated to guarantee reliable results.

Give each employee clear reports and graphs that gives them a detailed view of their strengths and areas of opportunity .

All from a platform designed to facilitate the process of applying a 360 degree assessment and focus on what is truly important, the follow-up and action plan.

Evaluaciones 360 Diseño

At the same time, everything is 100% configurable

Evaluation areas and questions

It is easy to add new evaluation areas and questions, modify the included ones or a mixture of both, as well as add open questions.

Evaluation scales

The evaluation scales are completely configurable to the needs of each assessment or even each question.

Personalized emails

Each user will receive a personalized email with their name and a fully editable welcome message.

Logo and colors

Customize the appearance of the entire platform by adding the company logo and institutional colors.

Evaluación 360 Grados Reportes

Automatic charts and reports

Get automatic results of the 360 degree feedback immediately and give access, if you wish, to each user to see and download their own results.

With friendly graphs and reports, it is very easy to give a personal follow up with each employee. Check the results online, download them to a custom PDF or Excel.


General report of the entire company


Report for each department or area


Report for each employee evaluated

Evaluación 360 Grados Evaluadores

Reviewers and reviewees selection

Registering the entire list of evaluators is a very fast process. In addition, you will have agile controls at hand to ensure that each user evaluates the correct employee.

If you would like to receive a proposal automatically, Integratec can support you by making a preliminary selection

Evaluaciones 360 Diseño

Easy access for all users

No need to install an application to administer or answer the evaluation.

Directly send access to participants' emails, they can answer from any computer, tablet or cell phone so that your employees without email reply.

Evaluaciones 360 Qué Sigue

What's next after the 360º Assessment?

Action plan

The reports of each employee will help them in defining their own development plan.

Evaluate Performance

After assessing the competencies and potential of human capital, performance can be measured.


Putting together a 9-Box Matrix is very easy after a 360 degree assessment and a performance review.

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