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Evaluación 360 Grados Conocimientos

Employee Satisfaction

Create your own work environment survey and give an easy access to all your employees.

Automatic reports make the process of analyzing results an easy and intuitive process.

Evaluación 360 Grados Usuarios

Intuitive 360 Degree Feedback Reviews

Easily set up your own 360 Degree Feedback review and help your employees in their personal and professional development.

Automatic and personalized reports give all your employees quicks access to their feedback.

Evaluación 360 Grados Conocimientos

Measure Objectives and Performance

Align the objectives of all your employees to those of the company and their department, making sure that everyone is working in the right direction..

Monthly and quarterly objective completion markers gives you a clear image of what still need to be done and who might need an extra helping hand.

Evaluación 360 Grados Usuarios

Automatic Org Charts

Keep an always up-to-date org chart of your organization with the latest information of all your workforce.

See live data for Head Count, Costs, 9-Box, among others, and a quick access to documents.