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360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

Create your own 360º Evaluation in a very short time, get clear results and promote the personal and professional development of your employees.

Use ready-made formats, or add your own skills and behaviors to evaluate.

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Pulse Survey

Pulse Surveys

Measure the work environment in an intuitive and professional way, get accurate results and increase the satisfaction of all your employees.

Whether to apply exit surveys, induction surveys, pulse surveys or any other type of survey.

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Evaluaciones de Desempeño

Performance Reviews (OKRs / KPIs)

Measures the performance of the entire organization, by monitoring objectives, key results and competencies throughout the year.

Aligning company-wide objectives and making compliance transparent will ensure that all efforts are directed in the same direction.

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Comunicación Interna

Internal Communication

Communicate effectively with your entire organization and ensure that all employees feel close to the company.

It does not matter that some users do not have institutional mail, you can send the communications through SMS to their cell phone.

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Automatic Org Charts

Automatically generate organization charts, aggregate all required employee information and give direct access to all users.

The source of the information can be any payroll system, ERP or even and Excel or text file.

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