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Create your organizational chart automatically from your payroll system, ERP, Excel or any other source and give online access to your users.

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Organigramas Automáticos

Your org chart always updated

Keep your organizational chart automatically updated with the last changes in your organization. You can import all the information from your ERP, an SQL database or from an Excel / CSV file.

Integratec learns all the movements and edits you make, so the org chart is not only always up to date, but also always just the way you like it.

Organigramas Amigables.

Professional and simple interface

Say goodbye to complex org charts with zooms, scroll-bars and ever changing arrangements. Being able to see the whole org chart in a single window seems like a good idea at first, but when the text is so small and boxes are always moving around, it's impossible to use.

Integratec always presents the org chart in an easy to navigate interface, allowing you to enjoy large text and boxes always at the same place.

Organigramas Información y Documentos

All the information at your hands

Import all the information of your employees to the org chart, including all personal information, position information, salaries, among others. There is no need to manually doing it.


Link documents to employees or position, like photos, curriculum, job descriptions, evaluation results or any other kind of document.

Organigramas Usuarios

Web access

Gives easy access to end users. There is no need to install anything, just a web browser in their PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Each user can have different access permissions to information. For example, they could access all personal information, but not salaries, or maybe just some documents.

The metrics from your organization are always up-to-date.

Head Count

Automatic head count of the whole organization or of just certain areas, making it possible to make quick comparisons.


Always up-to-date and displayed for each area of your company. No longer are boring and complicated Excel lists needed.

Wage Scales

Easily see all the wages scales for any position, and see which ones are over, under or within the stablished range.

Authorized Staffing

See how many authorized positions are covered within each area, or if there are any vacancies or over staffing.


Quickly find all your vacancies in your organization and the total amount per area.


Easily access your 9-Box an 360 Degree FeedBack evaluations directly from the organizational chart.

All the features that make Integratec your best option

Export to PowerPoint

All the org chart can be exported to PowerPoint. 100% editable.

Expor to PDF

Export to a clickable PDF where you can navigate your org chart.


All the org chart in a single clickable page. No scroll. No zoom.


Import all the information from multiple sources.

Smartly up-to-date

Not only is the org chart updated with the latest information, but it also remembers human corrections.


Crearte dynamic reports of your whole organization.


Upload and easily link documents for each employee or position.

User access

Each user can have a personalized access to only the information they need.


All information is safely stored and securely sent to each user.

Quick implementation

In very little time you can have your org chart up and running.

Support 24/7

Someone from our tram will always be ready to help.


You can have your org chart in multiple languages.