Automatic Org Charts

Create your organizational chart automatically from your payroll system, ERP, Excel or any other source.

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Keep your organizational chart automatically updated with the last changes in your organization. Give users access to the organizational chart, its information and linked documents.

The org chart can be accessed from any web browser, without the need of any local application or plugin.

A complete and easy-to-use solution.


The org chart always presented in a single page without the need for complicated scroll bars and zooms.

Multiple sources

Import information from different sources into a single organizational chart with all your employees

Always up-to-date

The org chart is always up-to-date without needing to make constant changes or manually updating information.


Create reports of your entire organization, including historic changes within your organization in multiple areas.

Security and users

Give specific access roles and permissions to each user of your organization, making sure everyone has access just to what they need.

Link documents

Add all your documents to the organizational chart and access them from all your devices easily.

Org Chart Metrics

The metrics from your organization are always up-to-date.

Head Count

Automatic head count of the whole organization or of just certain areas, making it possible to make quick comparisons.


Always up-to-date and displayed for each area of your company. No longer are boring and complicated Excel lists needed.

Wage Scales

Easily see all the wages scales for any position, and see which ones are over, under or within the stablished range.

Authorized Staffing

See how many authorized positions are covered within each area, or if there are any vacancies or over staffing.


Quickly find all your vacancies in your organization and the total amount per area.


Easily access your 9-Box an 360 Degree FeedBack evaluations directly from the organizational chart.